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Fitness Consultation:

This free session will discuss what you want to achieve and put in place a realistic timescale for you to achieve these goals

Fitness Programme:

A four week fitness programme for implementation at home

Diet Programme:

A diet plan tailored to meet your nutritional and dietary requirements.

Personal Training Session (one on one):

These bespoke 1 hour sessions will keep you on track and help you to reach your goals

Personal Training Session (one on two):

Training with a friend will help motivate, encourage and push you on and give you a bit of friendly competition!

6 week PT Group Fitness Course:

2 sessions a week

8 week PT Group Fitness Course:

1 session a week

These 6-8 week long courses are designed to focus on specific aims and objectives such as wight loss or toning. Fit For Life conducts one off sessions of these classes every week. Current classes can be found here. There is a maximum of 10 place per course and every course will include health and nutritional guidance along with the studio classes.


Fit For Life is designed to help people achieve their goals by providing them with realistic and relevant fitness programs and diet plans. This is broken down into short-term attainable targets, which means it doesn’t seem as daunting.  

Research has shown that when exercising with someone else you are far more likely to achieve your goals, as it will help encourage and motivate you to stay on track. 

That is why Fit For Life offers group training and fitness classes in addition to personal training.  Therefore it is a great way to grab a friend, family member or partner along to one of the many classes on offer.

If you would like to meet up with Jonny for a chat about your health, fitness and how personal training can help you simply book up a free 20min consultation to answer all your questions.


Fit For Life offers:

One on one personal training

A 1 hour Personal Training session with Jonny includes:

A fitness workout to push you to your limits and show you what you are capable of.

A structured workout programme tailored to you to work through and progress your fitness. The next time you see Jonny you will get a brand new one to progress you even further!

Motivation to kick start you in a new health lifestyle.

Diet advice from Jonny to make sure you are eating the right foods to achieve your goals.

A food programme for you to follow, to keep you on track with healthy eating.

New techniques, Jonny will show you exercises and routines that are new to you so you expand your knowledge of fitness.

A full body assisted stretch, at the end of the workout to help you relax, unwind and recover.


If you need to lose weight,

If you are training for a specific sport or event,

If you have any health problems or injuries,

If you want to feel better about yourself,

If you want to look your best for a special occasion,

If you are constantly tired and stressed,

If you are you bored with your normal training regime,

Then this could be your first step towards achieving your ideal health and fitness goals!



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